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  • Wake up!
    25 grams of natural caffeine per 100ml
  • Real kola nut extract
    for that classic cola taste
  • No phosphoric acid
    because you don’t want it
  • Returnable
    0.33 liter glass bottles
  • Won’t make you skinny,
    but will make you smile

Perfect for after any diet

Is it even possible to make a contribution to the more than 130 year tradition that is the classic cola soft drink? We thought so! In order to do so correctly, however, the taste really needed to speak for itself. Our interpretation of this well known and beloved beverage was created together with our friends, customers and cola lovers.

Our COLA has a soft, slightly fruity taste made even more refreshing with a dash of lemon spritz and carefully selected mineral water. Colas in general are by no means health conscious diet drinks. That said, ours comes without phosphoric acid – quite unique as most conventional colas rely on this harmful substence as a flavor enhancer. So, once your kale, kombucha, quinoa diet has ended we invite you to enjoy a nice refreshing COLA and a smile. 🙂



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