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  • A fruity combination
    of lemon, orange and lime
  • A mild Helles style beer
    based on our BIER recipe
  • Keep your cool
    with 2.4% alcohol content
  • Reusable
    0.33 liter glass bottles
  • For summer days
    or hot winter nights

Get on your bikes and ride!

Our RADLER, based on the famous German summer time drink associated with bicycle trips to the park, is the perfect compliment to our existing range of classic drinks.

It’s a winning combination of our Helles BIER and the fruity-fresh taste of lemon, orange and lime. Just like all our products, RADLER doesn’t make any promises it can’t deliver. No organic, craft, squirrel-tear, deluxe ooh lala stuff– just a straightforward RADLER you’re gonna want to try again and again.



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