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  • 51% German Riesling
    from Rhein-Hesse
  • Artisinal production
    by a family owned vineyard
  • Specially pressed
    grapes for our Weinschorle
  • Refreshingly fruity
    and not too sweet, with 5.5% alcohol
  • Reusable
    0.33 liter glass bottles

Riesling, water, love. That’s it.

In order to make a really good WEINSCHORLE, the first thing you need is a special wine – one that doesn’t lose its aromas when combined with sparkling water. The water itself must also have certain characteristics and mineral properties which harmonize well with the wine.

The Riesling used in our WEINSCHORLE comes to us from a small vineyard in Rhine-Hesse The grapes are chosen each fall specifically for us. Like all wine, our WEINSCHORLE is also a living product that slightly varies in taste with each vintage.



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